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Csepel -  a legendary brand name of Hungarian machine tools.
Csepel factory ( formerly called as WMM after itís founder Weiss Manfred )  had itís name after itís location ie. itís been laid on the Danube-island Csepel.  The upper end of the island is part of Budapest, capital of Hungary where the factory is located. Csepel  Steel and Metalworks  had different factories, one of them was Csepel Machine tools Factory that estabilished itís heritage between 1948 and 1990.
The factoryís main intent to produce relatively simple to operate but  high quality, reliable machines for the industry of socialist countries lead to a great success. During the time of economic conjuncture the factory produced hundreds of different machines yearly and since their quality and robustness became obvious very soon CSMTF became a machine-tools supplier of Soviet military industry .
Among  the most successful products  were  the  RF- and later the improved RFh-range of Radial drillig machines, today worldwidely known as the most reliable solution of heavy-duty industrial drilling.
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After the political changes in 1995 Csepel has finished the production of these machine lines . Our company has bought all the exclusive licence rights.
Currently the production is paused. However, we keep on supplying spare parts  for radial drilling machines (mostly from stock)  and for all the rest Csepel product machines, based on detailed manufacturing documentation  of each type.
Whatever  Csepel machine you have, we can identify your exact needs in spares based on only three data: a machine type, the serial number and the position number on the assembling drawing( see manual). Given these numbers we can supply what you need to make your machine serviced.
We still face to the demand of  Csepel quality machines (from companies who realized the poor reliability and short life-span of the recent  Far-Eastern products) and we offer  renewed ones for our customers. The renewing work usually been done in Hungary by skilled service staff .  Our aim is to ensure original ex-factory quality - or even better, by the improved tolerances of newer production bearings and other vital parts.  This way the customer gets an as-new machine for a fraction of the original price. Of course, we offer full warranty.
Our renewed machines work flawlessly in different countries without any problems in first line manufacturing at companies like Mercedes Benz, Voest-Alpine, Kuka Robot, BMW, Volvo, Alstom, Siemens, etc.