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Machines of age 25+ years begins to loose precision and show wearing signs. We offer different levels of renewing. Read below.
If you have your machine stopped but don't need renewing, we are ready to go to fix your problem at your factory. Please e-mail us to discuss the best solution for your problem.

1. Renewing locally. Level 1.
    This means, we check all the critical points, make measurements and decide what should be changed,
    what can work further with adjustments. All these points depending on former usage of the machine.
    This is a very cost effective solution, we change only the most worn parts, make a through cleaning,
    refill oils, check all parts, make adjustments.This takes 1-2 days and allows further 6-10 years of operation.
2. Renewing locally. Level 2.
    This level means we change all critical parts, without disassembling the whole machine. Clutch plates,
    spindle bearings, elevating nuts, arm steel ribbon, refurbish working surfaces, replace lubrication oils, make
    measurements and adjust everything. It takes 3-4 workdays and allows further 10-15 years of flawless
3. Renewing at our service centre. Level 3.
    This is the full version, we disassemble your machine at your factory, arrange it's transport to us and back.
    We do all the level 2, plus replace all the electricity, all cables, main motor, elevating spindle, re-grinding the
    column cylinder, re-grinding the base plate, add cylinder lubrication system, completely disassemble the
    gear housing, check all the gears, replace the worn ones, replace all the bearings and finally, machine gets
    a new aesthetic finish, 2 or 3 layers of new painting. The machine becomes a new-like one. Finally we re-
    assemble your machine at your factory and adjust everything to ensure precision manufacturing.

Please e-mail us for a detailed quotation.
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