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We provide any Csepel manual you may need. For drilling machines, we can serve you immediately but for gear grinders or lathes, etc, you may have to wait until we find the right one within the archives, usually 1-2 days.
You can get your manual in printed layout (as the original) or you can click below to download from our server, in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This solution is cheaper, quicker and environment friendly, avoiding any paperwork. If you need, we can provide the manual in CD-ROM, too.  Manuals are NOT FREE.
Current prices:  printed:  100 EUR   -   .Pdf file:  80 EUR     -   CD-ROM:   90 EUR
The manuals below are password protected against unauthorized use, you get the password to open it when your payment arrieves to our account. For quickest, just use our dedicated
PayPal account: manuals@csepel-radial.com. Invoice by mail or next to the posted manual.
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English language manuals:
Manuals are available in other main  languages, such as German, French, Russian, Spanish, Magyar, and Persian. Maybe we have a Suaheli version either, somewhere in the basement...
If you need any other type of manual or your machine is of special finish, please contact us for offer and availability. Please note:  Manuals are not containing manufacturing drawings, only assembly drawings are provided with position numbers to identify which spare part you may need. Please do not ask us to send part of the manual or just drawings. We handle manuals as they are: vital information for correct maintenance and spares order and thus, they are sold in whole, never in parts. Manuals are intellectual property of our company and so
they are under copyright law, any unauthorized copying or reselling them for third party is legal matter. Please be fair.
Important - we provide general manuals, any special layouts of machines are not covered. If you need dedicated manual to your specific machine, please ask by e-mail.